When the status quo is unsustainable, the conventional gets ignored and the predictable fails to persuade, you need a marketing communications consultancy with the experience and expertise to help you find a better way.

When your organisation is facing the challenge of disruptive ideas, policies, activists and technologies, you need a consultancy with the skills to manage relationships, build alliances and protect reputations.

Founded by award-winning advertising and communications experts Martin Thomas and James Thellusson, Dissident works with leaders in management, marketing, communications and culture who are seeking groundbreaking results from less orthodox solutions.  It is rigorous in its approach, agnostic about discipline and channel but passionate about insight, ideas and outcomes.

Dissident Consulting.

We challenge orthodox thinking through a broad range of strategic capabilities including brand and communications planning; reputation management, crisis and issues preparedness, CSR and sustainability, digital and social media; research, planning and insight, public policy and bid management.

Dissident Campaigning.

We create integrated campaigns and alliances for those seeking less orthodox and ultimately more effective ways to change behaviour, attitudes and preferences.

Dissident Coaching.

We provide training and facilitation for those seeking to learn new skills and transform the ways in which their teams think and work.

Our Clients

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